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Make it pop!

When working on the mailing design for Biano Studio platform, I focused on creating a user-centered design that prioritized engagement. The goal was to design a mailing that would encourage users to visit the platform, try out its features, and engage with its content.

User-centered or nothing

To achieve this, product team had to put heads together and set the goal to designing a mailing that highlighted the platform's key features and benefits, including its drag-and-drop function and product images that allowed users to design their own apartment.

Master platform


One of the challenges of designing for the supply and demand users of a product is maintaining a consistent look and feel across all pages while also meeting the unique needs and goals of each user group.

Handle this

To achieve this, I began by conducting a thorough audit of the existing design system and identifying areas where it could be streamlined and improved. I worked closely with business development department to connect both user groups. Additionally, I created new pages and artifacts that featured improved search functionality allowing users to easily find the products they were looking for or get more specific information.

Shop admin

Don't forget about business

When working on the digital design for a shop admin interface, I was tasked with designing several key features that were essential to the platform's success. These included the shop admin filters, calendar, notification bar, and animated onboarding element.

We can do better

Overall, these features will be essential to the success of the platform, and designing them require a careful balance of form and function. By creating simple, intuitive designs that prioritized usability and engagement, I was able to deliver features that were both effective and engaging.