External design 02



• UX/UI design

• UX research & strategy


• Complex website re-design

• Design system



UX Research

What's the brief

Take Peter’s travel blog website to the next level with an improved user interface and experience with a focus on streamlining the information architecture of the search and browsing experience. Concurrently focus on designing visual structure and funcionality of Travelpayouts features into the website.

Know your audience

Redesigning process naturally began by conducting a thorough exploration phase. I started by analyzing the current sitemap and identifying areas where it could be improved to better serve users. I then created a user profile, which helped me understand the needs and desires of Travel Globetrotter's target audience.


Do your homework

Using the user profile, I created user flows and user journeys that helped me understand how users would navigate the site and engage with its content. This allowed me to identify pain points and areas for improvement.

What have to be done

I then conducted a thorough content inventory, analyzing the current content on the site and identifying areas where it could be improved or expanded. This helped me create a mood board, which served as a visual representation of the new design direction for the site.

Design System

Atoms before organisms

With the insights gathered during the exploration phase, I began to create a design system for the Travel Globetrotter website. This system was based on the needs and desires of the platform's target audience, as well as Peter's personal goals and success metrics for the site. I started by creating a style guide that defined the site's visual identity, including its color palette, typography, and other elements following atomic design system.

Next steps

From there, I developed a set of design components that could be used throughout the site, including buttons, forms, and icons. These components were designed to be flexible and modular, allowing them to be easily reused and adapted to different parts of the site.