• Graphic design

• Data visualization


• Complex re-design

• Cover design



Hero's journey

Train doesn't stop twice

The Digital ESG Report 2021 for Home Credit Global was a project that challenged me to create a design that not only looked great, but also effectively communicated important information to investors worldwide. I was approached by an external consultant to work with Home Credit ESG team to re-design the previous report and once I provided deep analysis, all sides agreed on adding more contemporary look, data visualization, storytelling, unified identity and increasing readability to attract more investors.

Go with the team

To begin the project, I worked closely with the Home Credit ESG team to understand their vision and goals for the new report. I then conducted research on the latest trends in ESG reporting, as well as the design preferences of Home Credit's target audience aligned with corporate identity. Based on my findings, I created a design concept that featured a clean and modern layout, with plenty of white space to make the report easy to read.

Mountain path

It's not about you

Despite the logistical challenges of working with a geographically dispersed team, we were able to stay on track and work to deliver a high-quality design that will meet the client's goals. I was in constant communication with the team, providing regular updates on my progress and seeking feedback on my designs. This allowed us to work collaboratively to identify any issues and make necessary adjustments along the way.

Don't be scared to get fired

One of the key challenges of the project was creating a modular system of reusable components that would enable us to efficiently design future reports. To accomplish this, I carefully considered each component's design and functionality, ensuring that they could be easily customized and reused. This approach helped us save time and resources during the design process, while also ensuring consistency and cohesiveness throughout the report.

Hero's triumph

Always go forward

Overall, the re-design of the Digital ESG Report 2021 for Home Credit Global was a complex project that required a significant amount of collaboration. By communicating effectively with the team, we solved numerous ad-hoc changes by implementing a modular system of reusable components, so we were able to deliver a design that exceeded the client's expectations which solidified and confirmed company's credibility and professionalism.

CEO's commentary

"This sutainability report marks an important milestone in our journey as a responsible and inclusive business."

Jean-Pascal Duviesart