Project 01

Wakend. Co.


• Foundership / BD / MKT

• Graphic & Digital design

• Comprehensive Product Design


• Business & Product Concept

• Art Direction

• E-commerce web design



The birth of an idea

Lifestyle wakeboarding apparel

Once we understood that human is a social creature then support and encouragement represent pinnacle of human happiness.

Harvard students, men of arms, aviators, doctors as well as persons being part of subcultures and athletes realize the improtance of uniform. Something that you can put on, be proud of who you are and feel freedom to say it. It’s not about rankings or podium. It’s just about you and what you want to say...with no words needed - I am a wakeboarder.

Tees, hoodies & wristbands

I believe in approach that when you do anything in my life, only chance to be successful comes from sincere endeavor doing what I truly like. That's the only way how to not compromise the purpose.

When I started to wake couple years ago, I easily fell into questioning everything about myself. I was looking for some kind of reminder, that would tell me in the right moment, who I am, why I do what I do. I naturally start to search some basic apparel I can put on and feel proud about myself. Sometimes I wanted to say something without using words. Only stuff I found was apparel used for promoting brands. Nothing what promotes riders. I couldn't find tees that don't say who dresses me, but tees saying who I am, what I like to do. So I decide to change it.

Mountain path


I easily focused on the loudest kinds of clothing: t-shirts, hoodies & wristbands. Ideal bearers of thought & message. I started to create original cuts, styles, sound designs, first prototypes, brand guidelines and unified identity carrying immutable values. I focused on exclusivity so quality & uniqueness play leading role. That's the reason why I set up only hand-made manufacturing process.


is mantra of Wakend. I believe that there is no bigger potential to grow, feel empowered, overcome even the most persistent challenges and to live the life to the fullest, than through sharing experience with group of people with similar mindset and simply comprehension of existence. Marketing goes the same way so we stay in connection with wakeparks and prowakeboarders. We support community and communicate through each and every rider using the most common technology of today.

Hero's triumph


My natural way of seeing things is always in focusing on the big picture. I'm not motivated by simple tasks. Watching people grow, improve and feeling to be part of one’s evolution process is what makes me get up every day. While I enjoy coming up with innovative ideas, the fact that I prefer community-based approach with avoiding obvious route gives me unprecedent advantage over product-based businesses. In the sense of promoting people not brand itself.

Mom, look what I've done!

I have collected nearly $15K angel investment and counting. That helped me get 200+ pre-orders even before finishing e-commerce website. There is also crowdfunding project coming up in 2023.